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First blog posting and beta announcement

About a month ago, the team at TF2Shop acquired CSGOShop from the former administration. Since then we've been working on building the bones and structure of the first viable CS:GO cash trading platform. Our goal is to build a safe and secure way for the community to buy and sell CS:GO items for real world cash. We finished assembling our team early this month and since then been working on building a completely new site from scratch. The compromised codebase developed under the former administration is not being utilized in anyway, whatsoever. We went with a new codebase because we felt that a compromised codebase was not a great starting point for our platform. In addition to possible security risks, a new codebase allows the team to structure everything and plan everything the way we see fit, drawing from our experience with TF2Shop and other market involvements. It's not very hard to throw together a barebones site. However, since CSGOShop is a handler of your hard-earned items and money, additional caution and care are taken to ensure that no crippling issues arise after launch.

Unfortunately we are not giving a beta release date as of today because in the event that we have unforeseen problems, we don't want to miss said launch date. That said, we've had an internal launch date, for the beta, since we turned the lights back on several weeks ago and are on schedule for it. This all means that once we release the beta launch date, you know that will be the date we open the doors.

Today, however, we do have some details for the beta. To begin with, we will be doing a public beta. Unfortunately, the public section of the beta will only be for purchasing items. We won't be allowing everyone to sell during the beta. Instead, we will be putting together a group of trusted private sellers who will supply us with an initial supply of skins and keys to stock the store. We can't open up selling initially because we will still be building a lot of the sell side of the platform. In addition to this, there are other issues that we will face during the beta which will cause a long delay between sale and when the sellers end up getting their sale proceeds. These issues are mostly on PayPal's end and are some of the few bumps in the road which are unavoidable. For these reasons, we will be utilizing the private sellers but will encourage everyone to come through and buy some great stuff.